Curtains for Modern Kitchen: Let’s Boost the Modernity!

Modern kitchen allows you to do some experiments. And they’re not only limited for countertops or kitchen wall storage. Kitchen curtains are not only used for covering the window. In modern kitchen, you can do anything with the curtains as long as you know how to place them properly. Different patterns, fabrics, and even thickness combine into amazing curtains that you’ve ever seen.

Ideas for Curtains at Modern Kitchen

Even though they’re for modern kitchen, curtains here are still depending on the size of window. But, sometimes you also need to adjust them with the width of the room. For kitchen in wide space, you can build huge windows at certain sides from your kitchen. After that, curtains do their job by covering the window properly. It sounds simple, but you need curtains in the fit size with the window frame. If they’re too much, they will not look good.

Curtains for modern kitchen also can be used as borders. They’re located between the kitchen and another room beside the kitchen. For this use, you don’t need to use curtains with thick fabrics because they will make your space to look narrower. This use of curtains is surely more suitable for wide kitchen, especially if it has higher ceiling. By using curtains as “partition” you can find that you can have more than one specific function for the kitchen area. You might consider having your kitchen as your cooking area and also to enjoy the meal. Just simply put up the curtains there and voila, it’s done!

 contemporary kitchen curtains

Experimenting with Curtains for Modern Kitchen

There are no rules for experimenting. You will be fine as long as you know exactly the theme that you want. And it’s better if you adjust the curtains color with the dominant color in your kitchen, such as kitchen’s wall color or kitchen cabinet’s color. The common colors are grey, white, pastel, and other colors. Meanwhile, for patterns, the common patterns are vertical lines, floral, horizontal lines, and many more.

Thin fabrics are popular as materials of curtains for modern kitchen. They will look beautiful and smooth, especially if they reflect the light naturally. They can enlighten the whole kitchen just by doing that. On the other hand, there are also curtains that are made from thick fabrics. Usually they’re layered with other curtains that made from thin fabric with different color. By doing this, you’re not only keeping your privacy safe, but you also combining it with the natural obligation from curtains.


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