Color Inspirations for Small Kitchen

Compact and practical are current philosophy to modern families especially those who value time, space and harmony to nature. In the old days, having large property is associated with wealth and prestige. It is still true nowadays in certain social circle but people are getting more educated that they do realize if larger property requires extra energy as well as maintenance. To those who see property as a smart investment, proportion should be taken into a serious consideration. Owning a small house with a compact kitchen but located pretty much in a strategic location for school, business and socialization will just be a great asset that allows the whole family members to function more effectively.

Concept and Psychological Effects

What a home owner needs to always keep in mind when exploring with a less spacious home is the effects of colors. Although it seems trivial, colors option can influence mood and give visual effects to the occupants and guests. Have a look at the following small kitchen color ideas:

  • Going bold with certain colors will help giving a visual effect that the kitchen looks more roomy than it actually is. Although it means more limited choice of variations on the wall colors, it is always possible to combine particular colors within a theme. It is totally a nice idea for you to play with the color schemes. If you are not really that aware with the schemes of the color, well, it’s a kind of combination of two or more colors. That way you can create some kind of tertiary color and that’s what you’re going to use for your kitchen.
  • For those who prefer a clean look that will brighten up everything, painting the compact kitchen white is a perfect decision. This color can help the eyes to look beyond the border and since white is able to reflect light, the kitchen will look more spacious.

kitchen color ideas with oak cabinets

Selection and Combination

Will kitchen wall colors option be limited, then? Although small kitchen color ideas are not as varied as those for a larger kitchen, combining two colors or more is still possible as long as they are kept within a scheme that has a low contrast selection. This selection has to be made in wall paints, cabinet colors as well as backsplash and table top especially if the kitchen and dining area are connected. Brighter colors like yellow and peach can be a fresh combination to the kitchen. Earthy colors combined with warm orange are also a warm and cozy choice for a compact kitchen.


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