Coffee Décor in Your Kitchen

Your passion towards coffee can be channeled into different things. One of the best ways to let people know your passion is by using coffee themed kitchen décor. In order to achieve this, you can add coffee-themed decorations or add decorations that will make you feel that you’re inside a coffee shop. In addition, coffee themed decoration doesn’t always have to be dark brown or black color. You can combine it with other colors.

Coffee Themed Decoration

Nowadays, there are many stores that sell coffee themed decorations. You can start decorating your kitchen with something small. Mug display is one of the things that are often sold. For people who love coffee, it’s the place where they can show how much their love is by displaying the best mugs that they have. This mug display also will make you easier to take a mug for your morning coffee rather than searching for it in kitchen cabinet. You should display your unique mugs, but if you don’t have many unique mugs, you can start making one. All you need to do is just drawing something that you like with porcelain marker on a white mug.

Decorations that are made from coffee bean are also interesting. Coffee bean can be compiled into an elegant decoration. You can purchase candles that are already mixed with coffee bean. Other way to create your own coffee bean decoration is by pouring your coffee bean into a jar. Make sure that the jar has unique shape. As the final touch, you should add silver or white ribbon around the jar. Another way to utilize coffee bean as your kitchen decoration is by combining a candle with coffee bean. Things that you need to prepare are candle holder, ribbon, coffee bean, and a candle. You just need to put the candle in the middle of coffee beans that you already poured on. Ribbon can be added as the final statement. Beside those decorations, you can buy unique decorations, such as fish tank that are built from coffee maker, scrabble wall tiles with words related with coffee on them, or kitchen art that is filled with quotes about coffee.

coffee themed kitchen accessories

Coffee Shop Ambience in Your Kitchen

Think about your favorite coffee shop. Imagine about its dominant colors. Most coffee shops have warm, relaxing, and inviting atmosphere. If you have coffee themed kitchen décor, you should put it as the main attention. You can display your coffee grinder and your espresso machine. If you don’t use your coffee bean as decoration, you should put it in a display. However, there are things that you should avoid in order to create a coffee shop-like kitchen. You shouldn’t use wallpaper with coffee patterns on it. Similar thing also happens into your kitchen curtains and shades.


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