Choosing Unique Kitchen Tables

Getting bored with ordinary kitchen tables? Perhaps it’s time for you to have unique kitchen tables. However, don’t immediately imagine kitchen tables which are unusable and cannot be applied into your kitchen. There are kitchen tables that still can be used in your kitchen, and they come with extraordinary design. In addition, with these particular kitchen tables, you’ll be in the place where several functions are combined into just one table.


Simple yet Unique

Most kitchen tables are based on these shapes: rectangular, round, and square. To make them unique but still applicable, you can use different materials, such as walnut, metal, or even glass. Moreover, adding colorful chairs and fun lighting also will increase the uniqueness.

First, rectangular kitchen table is more suitable for wide and long room. Each rectangular table has its minimum width which is 36 inches. This kind of table is mostly used as the places for large group of people. However, because of its shape, rectangular table will separate some of your guests. You can have minimalist, classic, or even contemporary design with this type of table. Make sure you add wide lightings, so every part of this table will have balanced light.

Second, round kitchen table. If your kitchen space is limited, you should use this kind of table. Round kitchen table allows you to add more chairs than square kitchen table without making it too crowded. However, you shouldn’t add too many chairs and make it too overcrowded. You can cover the table with thin glass or even build the surface of the table from the glass for fancy look. For this table, make sure the lighting is focused in the middle of the table.

And third is square table. Feeling of closeness will be resulted from this table. You should have square that can be expanded into rectangle table, just in case if there will be many guests come into your house.

 unique kitchen cabinet designs

Other Unique Tables

From sharp-edged table into kitchen table inside your cabinet – all of these unique kitchen tables will make you amazed. If you want to accentuate your kitchen design, using The Panther Table by MaximillianEicke will be perfect. Even though this table looks thin, but it’s strong and each of its edge is consisted from sharp and firm shape.

This table combines jigsaw puzzle with expandable table in the new level. You can unify each element of this table just like jigsaw puzzle, but each of the elements also can be used as individual table. Modular kitchen table is also considered as one of unique kitchen tables. After finished with your meal, this table can be arranged as your wide chair together with small table for your drink and magazines.


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