Burn Your Kitchen in Red

Red has great meaning for your kitchen. Red color has connection with activity, passion, and warmth. In addition, red will add excitement into your cooking activities. There are many ways to have burn your kitchen in red, one of them is by using red kitchen décor. When it comes to kitchen décor, it means you have control with the composition of the decoration. And here are tips and ideas about red decoration for your kitchen.

The Beginning of Red

Red is one of powerful colors. If you don’t really like brightness of red, you can use darker red for your kitchen. First, if you worry about using red, you should start decoration from small part of your kitchen. Make sure that the red color doesn’t disturb any colors that already existed in your kitchen. If you just mix them up without thinking about the effect, the mixture will disturb your vision. You can use red kitchen appliances, such as mixer, blender, jars, mugs, carpet, and also napkin. Another way to get small red touch in your kitchen is by adding red wall art into your kitchen. It can be painting, collections of words, or other pictures that are dominated with red color. If possible, you should display two or three red wall arts horizontally in your kitchen. Make sure that the frame’s size is medium or smaller. Moreover, using red chandelier into your kitchen will also be amazing. You can put it above the kitchen table for gorgeous look.

Second, find a spot that you think is suitable as your kitchen’s main attention, such as your stove, curtain, seats, or kitchen cabinet. On the other hand, you also can use mug display or one part of kitchen cabinet as your red spot. If you have red mugs, those areas can be your heaven. You use red decorations and furniture for this spot only. It doesn’t take too much effort, but it will give great effect into your kitchen.

red accessories for kitchens

Combining the Red

Red kitchen décor is always identical with white. It’s not necessary, but most people combine both white and red color as “safest” mixture. If you dare to go far, you can combine black and red. The mixture of red and gold will add more luxurious touch into your kitchen. If you have stainless steel furniture, especially the faucet, you can combine it with red decorations too. This will give contemporary look into your kitchen. Red that is mixed with red sounds weird, but it actually doesn’t. You just need to use darker grey for accentuating the red’s brightness. Lighting is also important for this; don’t put the lighting that can make the grey color to appear darker.


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