Budget Backsplash: A Quality in Efficiency

Kitchen walls are perhaps one of the most challenging spot in the house to design and decorate. Due to the heavy and intensive nature of kitchen work, kitchen walls need strong construction and finishing. It also has to be easy to clean up in order to avoid humidity in the kitchen. Backsplash is somehow a solution to create a nice accent in the kitchen that meets both needs, i.e. strength and look. The following cheap kitchen backsplash ideas are very suitable for apartment and house for rent. Besides leaving lots of rooms for creativity and personal touch, these ideas will allow home and apartment owner to create unique backsplash in budget.

DIY Ideas

Although it is always possible to use the handyman’s service, DIY kitchen backsplash gives more space for expression and personal choice. This doesn’t have to be a lot of work. Keep it simple and choose materials that are easy to build, attach, install. It is always important to set the budget first to see what materials are left in the list that fit the financial plan. After that, make a simple sketch of what you want to do with the backsplash area. Materials are not the only important thing to consider. Figure out what tools and other additional materials are needed such as glue, tape, etc.

 cheap kitchen backsplash tile

Unique Inspiration

If your apartment of house is for rent, for example to a couple of international students or starters, there is one way you could do to give unique touch to the kitchen. These ideas might seem unusual but once it is visualized and executed, you could be surprised of how creativity does not necessarily go in line with expenses.

  • Make mosaic of natural, garden stones to create a green, environment friendly kitchen. If there are stone collections available, it is even better. It means expense reduction. If you are wondering about why such decoration should be done to the kitchen instead of the other rooms like the living room, well, remember that you are renting the house. And for the people who rent, the kitchen is like their sanctuary because they can expect to enjoy great foods there without spending too much.
  • Create a wall of fame from pictures (of families, friends, life milestones) that are laminated and sticked on the wall.
  • Combine various tiles and create a work of art using your own patterns. Yep, you can just be as creative as possible about this.


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