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Country Kitchen Curtains

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Choosing country kitchen curtains is not really difficult. However, some people may be confused differentiating curtains for modern and country kitchen. Here are tips and also things that you need to know if you want to have suitable curtains in your country kitchen.

Tips for the Curtains

Start with the dominant color. Curtains for country kitchen must have color that suits them best, such as color, crème, blue, and yellow. For your curtains, it’s better to be inspired from the main color of your country kitchen. For instance, if your kitchen cabinets are blue with yellow accent, you should buy curtains that have similar color with them. Or you can take the inspiration from wall color of your kitchen, but you should use lighter or even darker color from your wall kitchen, so it won’t be monotonous. Patterns that are used should reflect the sense of country, such as plaid patterns or classic floral. The patterns should support the rustic feel that has been developed within your country kitchen. Many people use café curtains for their country kitchen and actually they look amazing too.

Textures also can be used to strengthen the country theme. You can play with laces at the top of your window, curved frame as toppers, and many more. For fabrics, most people use thick fabrics as materials for their curtains. However, nowadays, you also can use thin fabrics for your curtains. It’s important to not choosing modern or contemporary style curtains. It’s even worse if you choose the wrong colors and they don’t relate with the main theme in your country kitchen. Know this well, and you are going to be able to choose the right curtains for the country theme. Once you have done it, there will be no time for you to feel bored whenever spending the time in the kitchen.


Café Curtains for Country Kitchen

One of the ways in getting the right curtains for your country kitchen is by choosing café curtains. They give you less privacy by considering the fact that such curtains are not really thick and they are quite see-through, but you still can add toppers to handle them. Moreover, even though country kitchen is well known for its uniqueness on using wooden elements, café curtains can be used to revive your kitchen. You just need to use bold rods to make them look more classic. With such idea, your kitchen can have better atmosphere and it will be more joyful there.