Black And White Kitchen Décor: Unique and Thematic

It’s time to go back to basic. Combining black and white in your kitchen perhaps is too ordinary and people try to avoid it. Even though sometimes it works, but these colors come from different contrast. Moreover, some people think that white is a little bit difficult to be handled, especially because it’s easier to get dirty than other colors. Black is also the same. For some people, its darkness doesn’t match with the sense of warmth that they want to create in their kitchen. Black also needs to be lighted properly in order to get the true charm of it.

However, similar with other colors, black and white are actually great for your kitchen. Both colors will give your kitchen personality. There are many ways to implement black and white color in your kitchen, such as painting the wall with white or using black kitchen counterparts. But, if you still worry, why don’t you try to implement black and white kitchen decor to see the difference?

How to Begin with Black and White

First, make that all white kitchen as your canvas. This is the best beginning if you want to use black and white kitchen decor. From this point, you’ll see the difference, especially the atmosphere, when you’re having all white kitchen. White gives the sense of purity, brightness, and calmness. The sense of clean from white is suitable with any colors, such as pink, red, yellow, or blue. Moreover, white is also compatible if you’re combining it with stainless steel. You can use any kinds of white, such as warm white that will make you feel the warmth – similar like when you’re using orange, red, and brown.

Second, find a place for black. It can be in a corner of the kitchen countertops, near the window, or inside kitchen cabinets. Make sure you give space for black to perform. Black will give you personality into your kitchen.If you want to try, you can create one part of your kitchen as the heaven for black. All decorations and furniture there are black. For this idea, it’d be better to have black floor tiles too.

 black and white kitchens ideas

Making Black and White Decor

There are many things that you can use as kitchen decorations, and jar is one of them.

First, prepare a wooden jar, black and white wood acrylic craft paint, tape, and cut. Second, by using the tape, cover some areas in the jar that you’d like to paint with black. You can make many motives from it. Third, paint the areas that are not covered by tape with black. Fourth, when the paint is not dry enough, repeat the process again if you want to paint it with white. In the end, you’ll get black and white jar that can be put in your kitchen. Make sure that the paint doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and is safe for you.


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