Banquet Kitchen Tables Ideas

Having children in the house will certainly influence home design whether it has been anticipated or planned before or not. One thing about having a child in the family, she will drag more kids to come one day. If it is not for some school projects, these kids may just play around on Saturday afternoon. The consequence of having young visitors at home is of course inviting them to join lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. Will it be over in one day? The answer is no. These kids will keep coming and sometimes in a group. Good news is you can always stack them together on a bench like having meals in the picnic area. This is where kitchen tables with bench designs can come in handy.


Different than common kitchen tables, a banquet design brings a new meal experience especially for kids. This dining table is accompanied with a bench that can support two teenagers and adults at the same time. Without a back rest, this bench is usually positioned at the long side of the table. At the other ends, chairs with back rests are placed. The whole design seems to bring a mixture of a conventional bench at the dining room with more modern seating. Incorporating kitchen tables with bench is particularly suitable for families with kids or those who often host social gathering. Allowing more people to sit and dine together won’t make the room crowded with this bench. When it is not needed, the bench can be inserted under the table and the dining room looks roomy without too much effort. In a certain moment, where new set is required, such as in a garden party, this set will also look fabulous as well as functional outdoor.

kitchen tables with bench ideas

How to Choose

Selecting the most suitable banquet style table with a bench should consider several aspects. It is very important to keep in mind that this bench fits older children and not toddlers who still need support and protection while eating. In addition to that, the location of the table is also important. It fits well an integrated dining room and a kitchen. However, placing this set in a large dining room will be perhaps requiring more efforts in terms of choosing a more classic design and materials. This set is available in many materials, but especially from wood. It brings a fresh, natural nuance in the dining experience. Furthermore, it fits well limited space and offer flexibility of arrangement since the bench can be used when necessary and be stored when not needed.


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