Art as Kitchen Design!? Are You Kidding Me?

Modern, contemporary, vintage, traditional, and classic, those are the most common themes you might consider whenever you are trying to decorate your kitchen. Does it mean that those five themes are all of the options ? Of course, those themes are enough for you but it’s still possible for you to let your creativity out of your mind and you might want to have kitchen art décor. This kind of way to decorate your kitchen seems to be “off”. Well, it is because we are talking about the design for the kitchen and it seems that it’s not the place for art. But, you must realize, when it comes to decoration, everything is possible!

Putting Art in the Kitchen

Have you ever heard about harajuku style from Japan? That’s kind of the thing that we’re going to do. Kitchen and art might not be suitable to each other but, hey, if harajuku can blend different things into one great unity, why can’t you do the same to the kitchen by using the art? So, what can you do with the artistic side of your kitchen? Will you put some sculpture or even statues in your kitchen? Remember that no matter what, you’re decorating a kitchen instead of a museum or gallery. So, those things are unnecessary. However, some art works are still fine. Getting some nice paintings might sound like a plan. Try to get some paintings which can fit well with your kitchen. Some paintings with the pictures of fruits and vegetables can be great.

canvas wall art for kitchen

Want to Do Something “Extreme”? So Do It

And do not hesitate if you want to do something out of the box. Remember that it is your kitchen you are trying to decorate. To be honest, you can do anything as you please actually. But, to give you the greatest result, some art to the wall in addition to the painting can also be done. Instead of painting the wall with regular painting, you can do some art job there. Some mural sounds crazy but it can be good. Or if you do not really want to deal with everything in totally extreme way, you can use some wallpaper to be attached there. It should be nice. And do not forget to choose the kitchen thingy which is made in artistic way like the sink which is made in sculpture design. Such kitchen art décor will definitely be able to make you become willing to spend and enjoy much time in the kitchen.


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