Amazingly Unique Kitchen Wall Storage

Use your kitchen wall wisely. It is totally a good thing to do because your wall can actually provide additional space to your kitchen. Perhaps, you might think that you only need to deal with such wall usage in the kitchen properly if you have small kitchen size. It is all related to the limited space that you have in the kitchen. However, basically, this can be done even though your kitchen space is not limited. And there is nothing to lose to do it. Nonetheless, some people may experience difficulties on keeping their cooking-related things in their kitchen, especially because there’s no enough space for them. That’s why they should use kitchen wall storage, so they can create new places for their things.

Ideas for Kitchen Wall Storage

Every inch of wall space is important. However, it doesn’t mean you can use the entirely space for your wall storage, even though you’re able to do so. You should make a flow from your stove, worktops, until the wall storage itself. This will be useful when you need something quickly from your wall storage. If there are empty spaces that surround your sink, you can build wall storage there as places for glass, vases, or small bowls. Make sure you arrange them based on their similar shape or colors for making them attractive to be seen.

If there’s no enough space in your kitchen cabinets, you can move the contents into your wall storage. Make sure the distance is not far from the kitchen stove, but at the same time also is not too close with the kitchen cabinets. This should be done to avoid the sense of fullness in your kitchen wall. It will make you uncomfortable, especially if your kitchen space is limited.

 kitchen wall storage shelves

Kitchen Wall Storage for Wide Space

People whose kitchen is not bounded by space still can use kitchen wall storage. You can dedicate one side of your kitchen as wall storage, even though you don’t use the entire wall. You may place small plants in wall storage, particularly plants that will be useful as your cooks’ seasonings. If you want to be more creative, you can have one special place for your plants to be hung.

Another way to use your wall wisely is through using pegboard. It seems to be classic, but it works. You can place your pans, spatula, and other cooking tools. Pegboard also will not give the sense of fullness in your kitchen because you decide how many cooking tools that will be hung on it.


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