A Unique Idea for Kitchen Lighting Layout

Layout is one of the aspects that must be considered alongside with the accessories and additional features to add whenever we are dealing with the decoration of the rooms. And it is applicable to any room including the kitchen. Sometimes, when it comes to the decoration and the design of the kitchen, most people are only focused on the positioning of the furniture, the vanities and the accessories. Yes, the layout has been undergone that way. However, those are not the only layout you can do to bring better condition to the kitchen. Are you familiar with the layout of the kitchen lighting? What the heck is that?


Kitchen lighting layout is the design of the lighting in both the placement and also the color of the lighting to bring better ambience to the kitchen. And yes, since it is not really a common thing to do for the ordinary people, it might be hard for you to deal with it. But, fear not since you are going to learn about the idea here. And whenever everything has been done, you will find that the layout of the lighting can really bring better and more awesome atmosphere to your kitchen.

Deal with the Main Lighting First

The very first thing to do is definitely the main lighting. For this matter, the most common thing to do is the central and big lamp placed in the middle of the kitchen on the ceiling. Alright, it is a good thing and there is barely anything you need to do about it like to find the other spots (although it is actually possible). As for the color, it’s better for you to choose the bright one because when you are in the kitchen, you will want to see everything as vivid as possible.

kitchen locate lighting

Give Accent to Your Cabinets

Once the main lighting has been set, you can try to deal with the additional kitchen lighting layout. This one is aimed to give more accents rather than to provide more light. A great idea about this is to put some simple lamps on your cabinets and it is a good idea if your cabinets are located on the wall. Such lighting will make the lamps become more stand out and if you choose the right colors like the yellow or pastel colors, there will be some elegant atmosphere in your kitchen.

Remember that you should not deal with the layout of the lighting too much because instead of giving better atmosphere and ambience, your kitchen will lose its charm due to the over brightness.



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